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Another great day in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Therefore… let’s learn some English. This time we are taking a closer look at an increasingly popular model of learning called online English trainings. Of Course online trainings are a fantastic solution used by leading universities and educational institutions around the world. If we want to be competitive in our training we should definitely use our Online tools.  

Let’s talk about some of the biggest advantages of online English learning. 

The first aspect is the flexibility of place. Wherever you are the only thing you need to have your training is a laptop or at least a mobile device with internet connection. Depending on the English online training provider, your trainer will be assigned to you or you will simply get a new trainer that is currently available. 

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The flexibility and wide range of online platforms allows us also to enjoy professional English online trainings sometimes even 24/7. This is of course connected with having a large portfolio of trainers being available to clients on both hemispheres.  

Another advantage concerning online training is that you can do without leaving your workplace or home. Depending on the style of online training you might need some copies but currently most of the documents, texts and exercises are provided to the learner in a completely digital form. 

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With English online trainings you no longer have to waste time on arriving at the right training location or even booking a meeting room for your group or and your trainer. You simply start the online communication channel and jump right into the training environment. 

An additional advantage to this type of English learning is the fact that today most of the employees are required to be mobile. Driving between the locations while working on an international level is quite often not just a requirement but a must. Therefore the learning English online can smoothly be adjusted to match your busy work schedule.

On the other hand if you are not interested in standard classroom environment and you prefer to work in your individual tempo than learning English online is the perfect training solution for you. Joining an online classroom and participating in an online training experience still allows us the individual form of training within the privacy of our workspace or any chosen venue. 

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In many instances the first negative association that people have with learning English in a regular classroom are their negative experiences gathered at school. Whether it was peer pressure, incompetent teachers, too intensive classes or maybe bullying, online English training is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to exercise his or her English skills. 

If you think that flexibility and availability are the only benefits of online English training, you should think again. If we are moving our classroom to an online environment, we are also moving all of our teaching resources. This means that we have access to an unlimited number of exercises and texts. As teachers we can at any point use additional videos and audio files to enhance your English learning experience. 

As you probably already know the internet does not forget. Therefore, resources posted online remain posted online and fully available to you also outside of the training sessions. This means that finally if you have some free time or you’re stuck in traffic on your way to work, or simply using the public means of transportation you can take advantage of all of the audio files, texts and exercises. 

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Furthermore fully accessible learning materials mean that you do not only have access to your notes and filled out textbooks. Nope. This is one of the biggest advantages of English online trainings, you can restart almost all of your exercises at any time. Furthermore, independant if it’s a really tough dialogue or some crazy presentation both the work sheet and the audio file can be played and used as you wish.Of Course, as many times as possible. 

To top it up the trainer has full access to your progress, can easily track your homework (O.K. this doesn’t sound to good) but if you are thinking seriously about progressing with your English skills, this is all the feedback information that the teacher needs. Learning English online means better progress tracking tools and more reliable results. 

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Now you might think this puts pressure on you as a course participant but it’s the teacher that really feels the heat. This time there are no excuses about his results. The online English learning tools provide the trainer with a variety of diagnostic tools forcing him to adjust his methods and materials to his or her student’s profiles. 

Talking about the profiles. Learning English online usually starts with a decent level assessment test. Now this isn’t a matter of choice this time it’s a requirement. If you don’t complete the test the training won’t start. Combining the information from the placement test with the student assessment during the training (interview, behaviour, interaction) we can prepare the perfect profile of the student and choose the perfect methodology and framework. All of this to make your English online learning experience more satisfying than ever. 

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This is where we take the individuality aspect to a completely different level. Student profiling course participant profiling has a extreme importance in terms of working frameworks or methodology used during the courses. Whether we are talking about tasked based learning or other frameworks successfully analysing your students learning profile (learning styles, learning patterns from the past, logical thinking patterns, systems of representations etc.) will allow us to adjust our preparations and lesson planning accordingly, it will also help us with the decision how much time do we need to plan for grammar, vocabulary etc.. Furthermore, proper student profiling allows us to show the results faster to our client. Extremely important in terms of working with adults. 

Learning English online in terms of interaction is a bit different especially when compared to regular English classes. The pressure this time is on the trainer. The task of connecting with the course participant, gaining his trust assessing him, finding the right was to explain certain topics, spotting hesitations and doubts, motivating and inspiring him to achieve more in during the training is harder. 

In terms of learning or especially teaching adults we highly recommend a more human, cooperative approach. In terms of working with adults I usually make sure during the first meeting that we are not in a classroom and not at school. The students usually prefer to have a sparring partner rather than figure of authority. You work with them not above them. The first conversation we set the ground-rules for our cooperation. 

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Learning English Online also involves additional preparation from the trainer. Reading texts or vocabulary exercises should be scanned and prepared in advance. It is rather awkward when we are trying to find some additional materials during the lesson. That’s not professional and does not improve the learning experience. While preparing for an online training session the trainer and the student need to have all of the materials, this includes, files, scans etc. already in place. Otherwise we are just wasting time. 

Now let’s talk about the current situation around the world. The WHO officially referred to the COVID-19 also known as the Corona virus as pandemic. With thousands of people being infected and hundreds undergoing quarantine the Corona Virus is no longer a laughing matter. With the World Health Organization’s Director General’s suggestions regarding whole-government and the whole-society approach we are to follow the four main guidelines prepare and be ready, detect, protect and treat, reduce transmission, innovate and learn. Being responsible for the development of our course participants we can only admit that switching to online English training is currently the best possible solution.

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Online meetings, webinars, online live trainings, virtual classrooms constitute the perfect solution and answer to mobile meetings. Avoiding live meeting sessions in bigger groups has become a guideline among some companies and therefore the language industry should quickly adapt to the requirements. Corporate clients are cancelling their live English trainings due to the Corona Virus spreading among the employees therefore learning business English online is the best possible solution for office employees. 

Addressing the corporate HR and Training specialists who bridge the gap between the language training industry and the world of corporate human resources to consult your current language service providers please bear in mind that the teachers and trainers are fully prepared to continue the training in a professional high end online environment. Bearing in mind the ongoing development of our course participants we there and remember we are ready to carry on with our work online. 

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